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Relationships struggling. Part one

A family that prays together, stays together.

When you look at the above statement what comes to mine? Definitely true. Of course many people would want to get married or date someone of the same religion so as to pray together and live a happy, but what if the case is reversed? What if both parties are of different religions and have different ways to pray to God? Would you say then that they won’t stay together in harmony and live together in peace?

*Let me have your comments below on what you think about this social issue that we face on a daily.

SHOCKING NEW!!! Truck crushes soldier to death in Lagos; his head completely smashed (graphic photos) 2018/03/08 14:17:10:

A soldier was crushed to death by a containerized truck along Okota Road, Cele Expressway on Wednesday morning.

Eye witnesses said the accident occurred when a commercial motorcyclist carrying the soldier tried to overtake the truck.

It was also gathered that the Okadaman fled the scene for fear of mob attack. More photos below…

FINALLY!!! People with spinal disorder can walk again with ‘Cyborg legs’ By Zakariyya Adaramola, with agency reports Mar 6 2018 1:20PM.

A Japanese robotics firm has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to bring its futuristic Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) Robot Suit to the United States.
Cyberdyne has been developing the HAL for nearly a decade, but only now has the firm been able to bring the technology stateside.

Cyberdyne’s Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) robotic suit can help people with spinal injuries learn to walk again. The device has been development by the Japanese company since about 2009.
Now, the Brooks Cybernetic Treatment Center in Jacksonville, Florida is testing out the robotic suit that is worn as an exoskeleton and can be used to help people with disabilities learn to walk again.
The robot suit fits around the wearer’s midsection and legs to provide support for people who are otherwise unable to walk on their own, such as people who are suffering from a spinal cord injury.
What’s amazing, however, is that the wearer controls the HAL suit using their mind.
The machine is able to pick up bio-electric signals, or an electric current given off by tissues, organs or cell systems.
HAL has sensors that attach to the wearer’s legs, which then detect bio-electric signals transmitted from the brain to the muscles.
This then triggers the robotic exoskeleton to begin walking.
HAL also has a built-in remote with a simple interface that lets the wearer start and stop the machine, adjust its settings and more.
‘What’s really nice about [HAL is it] basically operates off what your intentions is,’ Dr Geneva Tonuzi, medical director of the Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center, told Engadget.
‘Maybe you’re only able to give one or two percent, and then the robot gives the remainder of the motion.’
Cyberdyne noted that HAL isn’t supposed to be a temporary exoskeleton, but rather a temporary pair of legs to help patients in rehabilitation.